Antenna Analysis

There are lots of antenna analyzers on the market now … and at all price points. Here’s an extremely affordable one … the RigExpert AA-30ZERO. Barebones, but looks interesting, even if only from an experimental viewpoint. Eric, who has a great YouTube channel covering all aspects of ham radio (HamRadioConcepts), did a pretty thorough demonstration :

The boards are available from Gigaparts for $75 + S&H as I’m writing this. I’m getting one!

And don’t forget to check out all of Eric’s videos (and he’s got a LOT!) … he talks about antennas, radios, DMR, accessories… you name it!

73 de Dick N4BC

Almost Field Day …

Tomorrow, Field Day gets under way. I had hoped to participate with the club, but it’s not looking too likely. Got lots  going on this weekend … family, church, etc. I’ll try to make an appearance at the site, but probably won’t operate there.

I’ve been fighting a killer summer cold this week, so I’ve gotten behind on a lot of stuff. It was the whole array of symptoms too … cough, runny nose, achy body and headache.  I was off work for two days. My wife called a couple of hours ago, and it sounds like she and my daughter are coming down with it now.

Even if I can’t operate any significant time with the club station, I’ll try and get some operating time in from home. I just can’t totally miss operating during field day. Maybe there’ll be some nice six meter openings!

73 and enjoy Field Day if you’re participating de Dick N4BC

IC-7300 USB Driver Update

I see that ICOM has posted a new USB driver update on their website. Don’t know if it cures the error message when you power up the rig or not. I’ll load it tonight and see. The message is just a nuisance … works fine anyway. Click on the link to download the new driver.

Just saw this post on the IC-7300 .io Group:

“This driver has caused problems with the N1MM software program,
If you are using this program then DO NOT INSTALL!. …
Bruce  N7XGR”
Maybe we should let the dust settle before jumping in with both feet?


73 de Dick N4BC