Something new ?

You’ve probably seen more and more SSB contacts popping up in my log in my QRZ bio lately. This IS unusual, because I usually don’t operate that mode unless it’s a BIG contest, or a rare entity.

Well, I’ve sort of been bitten by a bug … the Parks on the Air (POTA) bug. I’ve been chasing activators in the various parks … even going so far as to check for spots. I can’t explain it, other than to say it’s fun and it’s different. AND … most of the activations are SSB.

The most prolific activator I’ve come across on the bands is Dave, K4CAE. Man, this guy is really into activating parks. I’ve worked him several times. Not far behind him is Jim, KC4JNW. Both are good operators, and I’m looking forward to more contacts with both and with others.

I’m going to try activating a few, too. Lots of eligible parks near me. It would not be any trouble to activate from my truck … just a stop on the way home from work. Next week, maybe.

Try something new! When you find your interest lagging, do something different. There are so many ways to enjoy ham radio, that you will never run out of things to try!

73 de Dick N4BC

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