****RANT ON****

I listened to several pileups on 40 and 20 last night, both CW and SSB. What a mess! Ops tuning on top of the frequency, ignoring requests for specific call area numbers, sending their callsigns over and over … and other assorted idiocies. For example, “The YL station only, please,” and several men answer. Or, “Fours only, please,” and every number BUT four calls. Jeez, guys … you’re just making things worse.

Angry Squidward!

The 13 Colonies stations were doing their best at managing the pileups, but things were just out of control. Nobody was listening. Even split, the usual suspects were either calling on the special event station’s frequency or shouting UP! … UP!, adding to the cacophony. This is a week-long event … by the end of the week, it’ll be a lot easier (hopefully!).

****RANT OFF****

73 de Dick N4BC

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