I was able to spend a few hours in the North American CW QSO Party on Saturday. The band gods were smiling on us. Eighty, forty, and twenty were smokin’! I did all ‘search and pounce’, and logged 130 QSOs. Lots of fun! I’ve already uploaded the log to the NCJ website, and updated MY log and LOTW as well. Done! Finished! 

N1MM+ performed flawlessly, and having the large bandscope was nice. You could visually pick the BIG signals and work them, and then go back an fill in with the weaker ones. It’s not as high-resolution as the smaller one on the IC-7300, but it’s adequate. This free software is well worth exploring if you want to participate in contests.

I did attend a birthday party for an old friend’s 90th earlier in the afternoon. This afternoon we’ve got an awards banquet for the granddaughter. She had four first-place finishes in the All-City Swimming Competition! So proud!

We had a beautiful day yesterday … really too nice a day to spend inside hunched over the rig, contesting. Sigh … the sacrifices we have to make for the hobby! HA!!

Have a great day TODAY!

73 de Dick N4BC

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