Computer Crashes and Antennas

I spent a bit of time last night working the various QSO parties (IN, NE, 7QP) and had a pretty good time. N1MM kept crashing the computer, and I couldn’t figure out what had changed since I last used it. I was using the FT-450 hardware file for my FT-450D, and had had the occasional crash before, but it was getting worse, so I decided to try the FT-950 file. Night & day, folks. I haven’t had a crash since I changed, and everything seems to work OK. I guess the FT-450D is a lot more like the FT-950, since they are both SDR digital DSP boxes. I’m not sure how the FT-450 is different in how the computer sees it.

I want to say a couple of words about the W1SFR End-Fed 40 – 6 m Antenna that I bought from Steve at and used for the first time last weekend. This is a quality product and Steve really stands behind what he sells. Just because the website says kx3helper, there’s plenty there that’s useful for other small portable rigs, too. Yeah, sure … I could have built the matching network in a box myself and cut some wire and had something functionally equivalent, but what I didn’t spend was TIME. Between work, family, scouting, and church, I don’t have a lot of time. I treasure the (too few) moments that I have to myself to do ME things (like ham radio). To me, it’s worth buying it ready to go. Visit Steve’s site and see what he has to offer, especially if you like portable operation.

Well, that’s about it for now. 72 and 73 de Dick K4FTW

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  1. Hi Dick
    So glad you like the antenna. It’s all about getting out there and getting on the radio as quickly and simply as possible. I was running the New England QSO party over the weekend and had a similar experience with my KX3 and N1MM (still haven’t been able to send CW via my WinKeyer, but that’s another story). I was in the middle of a string of QSO’s and lost the connection. I had to stop and reboot my computer to resolve it. Sometimes I think paper logs are the way to go Hi Hi. Anyway, I finished up with 232 QSO’s all QRP with 46 multipliers, so a better finish than last year. Sunday during the day the bands were so dead I was thinking that my antenna had fallen down and I was going to be toast, but things picked up as the day moved on and the bands were hot in the early evening. We’ll see how I fare overall. Thanks again for your kind words. The antennas with the throwing line kit are flying off the shelf. Now I’m saving up for a mill so I can start making and selling keys. I’m sure my XYL is rolling here eyes right now 😉

    Take Care and 73’s OM

    Steve, W!SFR

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