Virginia QSO Party

I got a few QSOs in for the Virginia QSO Party. Once again, life interrupted Ham Radio :-). I only had 39 QSOs this year, quite a few less than last year, but what I did was still fun. It’s one of the great QSO parties … pretty laid back, compared to some. Unless a station has a run going, they’re usually willing to have a few words with you.

So, Spring starts this week, and they’re predicting rain, sleet, and snow tonight and tomorrow. It’s a cold rain outside this evening, and it looks like the rest of the night is all downhill. I’m hoping for warmer weather by next weekend. I’m going on a Scout camp out with the Troop and hope to get in a bit of qrp portable operation while in the woods. Although we’ve had some nice days in the past couple of months, they were just that … days. No real spells of “outside” weather.

Well, I’ve got to import my contacts from N1MM into my log and email the Cabrillo log to the QSO party folks. After that, I think I’ll just relax and do some reading, Don’t get to do that as often as I like.

73 de Dick K4FTW

2 thoughts on “Virginia QSO Party”

  1. Dick, QSO Party was great fun and I agree with you on having a few words along the way. Lots of stations wanting to know about the weather here in Bristol since NASCAR was trying to get the race going with the rain. Great fun.
    73 de Tom K4FJW

  2. Yeah, I always enjoy the QSO parties. Most of them are sort of contesty, but not really, if you know what I mean.. More laid back and low pressure except for a few “Type A” individuals here and there :-). See you next year, if not before!

    73 de Dick K4FTW

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